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SPCE Racing is the Official Formula student team of Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai.​

With the massive experience garnered over a decade in the combustion category, we now leap into the future by switching to the Electric domain. We've already proved our mettle in the former FSEV concept challenge, Formula Bharat 2021 Virtual EV competition and also have qualified for various International FS competitions (FS Austria, FS Czech Republic).

With the pandemic loosening its claws, it's finally time for us to translate our concepts into reality by manufacturing an actual Electric Vehicle for the upcoming national competition. Unfortunately building an electric vehicle doesn't go easy on our pockets.

To keep a project of this scale going we need strong monetary support and being a completely student-paced team, it's a herculean task to fund this project!

We're giving this project everything we can!

With your HELP & our PASSION for making race cars!

We strive to make the best use of every penny you contribute to this project!

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Now is the time we need your support more than ever!

Vital Expenses

Vital expenses

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₹500 and above

Your contribution will help us charge our batteries up and drive at the limit

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Day 17/60

Your contribution  will help our car to take faster, sharper turns

Your contribution will help in keeping us safe from high voltage shocks 

1,000 and above 


Your contribution will make us powerful and our car, a supercar

Your contribution will help us get off the line faster

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Torch bearers

10,000 and above

5,000 and above

  • We're overwhelmed by the endearment you've shown to the team!

  • At this point we fall short of words! So we're iniviting you to the car unveiling ceremony as a special guest to thank you in person!

  • As a token of our immense gratitude, we will be sending you an exclusive sipper with all the above mentioned goodies.

  • We are glad you loved our work!

  • We'll be sending you an exclusive Keychain and a face mask from SPCE Racing’s merchandise as a token of our memorabilia.

  • Further , you will also be receiving all the ‘Recognition’ goodies.

  • It's only because of you! We know someones already got our backs to fuel our dreams!

  • We're gratified by your contribution and will be sending you an exclusive fridge magnet and a face mask with above mentioned goodies from SPCE Racing’s merchandise.


2,500 and above

  • We acknowledge your contribution.

  • To express our gratitude we would be sending you a tag and a face mask from SPCE Racing’s merchandise with a personalized card.


  • We're astonished by the love and support you've shown to our passion!

  • To express our sincere gratitude we will be sending you an exclusive diary along with all the above merchandise from SPCE Racing.

"Each and every contribution of yours will help our dream team,
move a step closer to the international podium."

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Saurabh Parekh

Abhishek Tambe

Devansh Verma

Saby Fernandes

Anas Vichhy

Rajendra Birhade

Bhavana Joshi

Denzil Barboza

Milind Kulkarni

Rajesh Joshi

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Sahil Sune

Vishal Prajapati

Siddhi Sarak

Meena Raut

Tejashree Joshi

Priyal Jain

Aniruddha Deshpande

Tarak Shringare

Saanya Kasbe

Vrinda Shringare

Prajwal Bhide

Suhasini Kulkarni

Mechanical 2020-24

Asiya Shaikh

Vaishnavi Nannaware

Saurak Shringare

Gauri Vaishnav

Jagjit Singh

Suraj Pandey

Sushil Savla

Saee Shringare

Pranjal Parab

Prathamesh Parab

Shariq Khan

Mukund Kulkarni

Civil 2020-24

Aryan Bhatt

Rishabh Sawant

Sharvari Shirsath

Rajashree Kashikar