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About Us

SPCE Racing is the official formula student team of Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai. The team works on open-wheel Formula-style race cars. Based on extensive research, the team designs manufactures and tests these racecars, which compete with top colleges from all over the country at Formula Bharat Competition. Our designs are assessed and scrutinized by a panel of international judges from the fields of world-class engineering, business and motorsports.

Our Philosophy

Every year we prepare with the best of our capacities to stand on the podium on the day of the competition. The results aren't always in our favour but we make sure the result of the competition, doesn't hamper our progress! Because for us, the entire process of building a racecar means a lot more than winning. With every new season, we learn new things, improve on our mistakes and optimize on our strengths. In the bigger picture, we want to give a platform to every member of the team to grow from being a budding engineer to a competent professional; To put to use the lessons learned in classrooms and undoubtedly own it on the racetrack. 

Our history

Our History

The team that started with a group of 5-10 students that had an idea to change classroom learning into practical learning through an engineering research and design project, is now among the consistent achievers in this field. The team started by participating in BAJA and have been going from strength to strength since then by winning laurels in BAJA followed by SUPRA. For the last few years, the team has been participating in the Combustion Vehicle category of Formula Bharat and has bagged many accomplishments to their name. The team is now working towards achieving the same feat in the Electric Vehicle category of the same competition.



SUPRA 2014

Virtual Round -
5th Rank

BAJA 2013

Acceleration Event -
5th Rank

SUPRA 2011

Overall Rank 3

SUPRA 2015

Mumbai Region - Rank 1


The Team has qualified for the following FS events:  
2019 - Formula Student Czech & Formula Student East 
2020 - Formula Student East

SUPRA 2016

Overall 7th Rank
Autocross Event - 3rd Rank

FB 2020

Combustion Vehicle category -
Overall Rank 6
Design event finalists
Fab-Heads Composites event finalists

FB 2019

Combustion Vehicle category -Overall Rank 11
Business Plan event - 5th Rank

FSEV 2020

Production Planning in Concept Challenge - Rank 2
Team Managemen in Concept Challenge - Rank 3

FB 2021

Business Event -
1st Runner Up
Business Event -
Audience Vote- Winner

BAJA 2010

Technical Innovation Award

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College Campus:
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Andheri, Mumbai

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