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Fundraiser Pledges

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Pledge Rs. 500 (Bronze)

  • Thank you so much for your support. 
  • We will send a ready-to-print e-poster of SPCE Racing with a personalised Thank You Note.
  • Stay tuned on all our Social Media pages and Website to know updates about our car.

Pledge Rs. 1000 (Crystal)

  • Be proud to supporter of SPCE Racing. We’ll send you an exclusive SPCE Racing sticker.
  • Travel with comfort with SPCE Racing luggage tags.
  • All bronze rewards.

Pledge Rs. 2000 (Silver)

  • Play around with SPCE Racing fridge magnets.
  • Be proud to associate with SPCE Racing. We’ll send you exclusive badges which you can wear yourselves.
  • The world needs to know. We’ll give you a shoutout on our Social Media pages.
  • All Crystal rewards.

Pledge Rs. 5000 (Ruby)

  • Drink your desired protein shake with SPCE Racing mugs.
  • Win access to our grand Launch Event. (Pass for one)
  • Click pictures with the new EV car on the day of the launch.
  • All Silver rewards.

Pledge Rs. 10,000 (Golden)

  • You deserve your photo with our beast on the wall. We’ll gift you a customised photo frame after the unveiling event.
  • Win access to our Launch Event. (Pass for two)
  • Come visit us at our workshop, we’ll show you how we work and build our dream.
  • All Ruby rewards.

Pledge Rs. 15,000 (Sapphire)

  • You deserve to be shown to the world. We’ll put up a photo of you on our car.
  • You’ll also receive an exclusively designed calendar from SPCE Racing.
  • All Golden rewards.

Pledge Rs. 20,000 (Platinum)

  • You’ll be our guest of honour at the launch event.
  • Our team members will always be there for you.
  • We’ll also create a special photo wall for this category in our workshop.
  • All Sapphire rewards.