“Your support is our gasoline! Show lots of support!”

Help us build real formula one style cars and represent India in competitions at national and international stage.

Support and be a small help for us in achieving this large collective goal.

SPCE Racing is a Formula Student team from Sardar Patel College of Engineering. It is a team of 50 passionate engineers and motorsports enthusiasts from mechanical, electrical and civil branches. Formula Student competitions get participation from number of teams from around the world. Thus, this will give SPCE Racing exposure to world-class engineering and will help develop the engineering practices of our students that are going to be a vital part in development of technology in future India. This year, we are building one fully electric formula student car this season and aiming to completely transition to electric vehicles within one year.

We are all set to push the limits with a better, bolder and stronger car. It’s just one step to turning our dream into a reality.



Corporate social responsibility-

By helping us and associating with our activities will add to the CSR activities of your company.

Empowering students

By supporting us, you would engage in the noble act of the holistic development of students by giving them a hands-on experience in the workshop and stimulating a culture of research. This would eventually contribute to technological advancements in the industry and aid the growth of the nation as a whole.



Ancillary help -

You can provide us with help in the form of raw materials or parts, which will be used in a formula car.

Financial help -

Help us financially and be a part of our journey towards excellence.

Technical expertise -

Experienced professionals within the industry can help us with their vast knowledge.

Manufacturing help -

Help us by aiding the manufacture of complex parts.