A Decade’s Ride

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Ever dreamt of actually seeing Lightning McQueen race in a Piston Cup Championship or building a beast for our very favorite Dominic Toretto?

Just think how you will feel when you hear the first buzz of your self-built car?

Yes, the butterflies in the stomach say it all. With the same feeling and the dream of making a race car, a bunch of engineering undergraduates started SPCE Racing, in the name of a college technical club, one of the most favorite in the history of SPCE back in 2010.

With only 5-10 students, in the view of applying concepts and theorems taught in the classroom to an actual race car prototype, this team was born. Albeit the idea of a college racing team wasn’t brand new but it was something not many universities or colleges had. Thus, it felt just right to start a new endeavor.

Now you might be wondering what is the purpose of this blog? Why are we sharing the experiences and stories about our team?

We are here with a purpose, purpose of sharing knowledge, the purpose of sharing our experiences, the purpose of letting you experience our journey of building such prototypes virtually through this medium.

Let us give you a short insight into our team.

The team began with Baja and Supra competitions and in 2018 participated in India’s premier formula-style car competition, FORMULA BHARAT.

This 10 years old team has seemingly transformed from a group of 10 engineers to a family of avid racers consisting of more than 50 members! You’d wonder what the main motive was behind creating a racing team. Was it to win every possible competition entered? Well whilst partly true that we are an ambitious bunch of engineers whose drive behind creating a team was much more as we would realize later on.